Doctors and Surgeons for Galmi Hospital


This position joins a team of doctors whose responsibilities include: 1. Provide care of either the medical or surgical in- and outpatients, both adults and children. 2. Assist in night and weekend call (mostly 1:4 roster, depending on staffing). 3. Participate in missionary and expatriate health care as needed. 4. Teach at the occasional teaching seminars held for qualified medical staff and/or aides. 5. Contribute to the high standard of medical care that the hospital seeks to maintain. For doctors: Other possible tasks include: *Supervise the Under-Five Clinic and/or the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center. *Participate occasionally in the weekly vaccination team going out to various villages. For surgeons: Tasks include: *Perform surgeries such as hernia repair, C-sections, hysterectomies, bowel reconstruction, vesicovaginal fistula repair, etc. The following specializations are needed: - Family Physician - General Surgeon - Obstetrician/Gynecologist - Ophthalmologist - Anaesthesiologist/Anaesthetist - Pediatrician - Surgery Subspecialists (orthopaedic, ENT, plastic, etc.)


Ministry 2: HT- Institutional Health Training, incl. Nurses' Training


Other Ministry Possibilities: Friendship evangelism, literacy, discipleship, Bible teaching, all under-girded by the development of personal relationships. The two evangelical churches in Galmi town and others in nearby villages have Sunday worship services and weekly prayer meetings, youth activities, and women's fellowship groups. Evangelistic outings are also organized by local Christians to nearby villages.

Future Plans: Training of Nigerien medical personnel is ongoing, though the specialties required of this position are difficult to find locally.

Informations complémentaires

  • Compétences linguistiques : french: competent, Hausa: competent (can be learned on site) english: basic
  • Exigences : Professional License: Doctor with appropriate specialty Advanced degree required. Required training: Some experience in your area of medicine. A Tropical Medicine course is helpful, but not essential. Recommended Experience: Previous work
  • Age minimum : 20
  • Financement : support team

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