Evangelisation / Gemeindebau (Evangelism and Church Planting among the Tamajaq PRF 990)

Contribution to Strategy:

The Tamajaq people of the Sahara Desert are descendants of the early Berber inhabitants of North Africa, and for centuries they controlled the valuable trans-Saharan caravan trade. Tamajaq society was highly stratified, and included a slave class called the Bella. The noble classes were all nomadic pastoralists, but the making of national boundaries and years of drought meant Tamajaq populations were greatly reduced by starvation and migration to urban centers. Today, however, over 620,000 Tamajaq are found in Mali and over 300,000 in Burkina Faso. Though they are Islamic, it is the men who are veiled and the women have greater freedom than most Muslim women. Fewer than 5% have heard the gospel in any way. The Tamajaq need to know that God has not forsaken them but has given His Son on the cross which they already use as a sign of their identity. The Bellas also remain without any significant Christian witness. They are found scattered amongst the Fulani to the north and northeast of the country. Although many have immigrated from Niger, they speak and understand best the Malian dialect of Tamajaq. SIM Burkina Faso desires to begin a ministry to the Tamajaq and Bella people of northern Burkina Faso. The overall goal of the work is evangelism and church planting with a view towards expanding the work into Mali. Further research into strategy planning will be a part of this position. The established SIM-related church of Burkina Faso has an interest in this ministry, and there would be the possibility of partnering with them and also of collaborating with another mission working amongst the Tamajaq. The primary objective of this ministry is to plant and strengthen churches among the Tamajaq people of Bukina Faso and Mali.

Ministry: CP- Church Planting


Responsibilities: Part of the job description could be to actively encourage and help the EE/SIM develop their ministry to these people. However, there is also the option of locating in the northeast and developing the ministry from there. Possible helpful approaches to ministry could include literacy, animal husbandry, wells, and relief and medical work.

Informations complémentaires

  • Compétences linguistiques : Tamajeq: Fliessend ( kann vor Ort gelernt werden) Französisch: fliessend
  • Exigences : Recommended Experience: Experience in personal evangelism and discipleship, basic understanding of folk Islam. Personality Issues/ Cultural Considerations:: Highly relational building a web of relationships as the context of ministry.
  • Age minimum : 20
  • Financement : Freundeskreis

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