Short-Term Medical Teams PRF Nr. 8566 (If interested, please add PRF number

Contribution to Strategy:

SIM in Bangladesh has an official identity as an international non-government organization (NGO). As a government approved NGO, we can propose various projects that are helpful to the overall uplift and development of the country.


The job of the short-term medical team will be to operate a small scale medical camp or clinic as part of one of the ongoing projects of SIM Bangladesh. The team could be a general service team that provided medical diagnoses and recommendations on a wide variety of medical needs. The team could also be a specialized team to operate a specialized medical camp for some particular medical issue such as hearing, vision, glacoma, diabetics, nutrition, dentistry, physical therapy, vaccinations, childhood diseases, women's issues, etc. We think that each camp at each project location would vary from 2-5 days depending on the specifics of the team. The team could run one or more camps during each visit. One of the projects of SIM Bangladesh involves us with those who have been poisoned by drinking arsenic contaminated groundwater. A medical team could provide assistance with arsenic patient identification, patient care, and staff training.

Ministry 2: HM- Physician, Various Specialties

Other Ministry Possibilities: The primary minstry of the medical team will be to provide medical assistance to the communities where SIM has ongoing projects. There would be the opportunity to engage in some level of verbal witness to those receiving care.


Note: The medical team should plan to bring all of the specilized equipment that may be required to conduct their medical camp or clinic. General equipment such as therometers, blood-pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, supplies, and medicine could be purchased in Bangladesh. SIM Bangladesh has no medical equipment.

Informations complémentaires

  • Compétences linguistiques : English: fluent, Translater into Bengali provided
  • Exigences : Advanced degree required. Required training: The medical team should be adequately trained in the area of medical expertise required to conduct the medical camp or clinic. Recommended Experience: No prior overseas experience is required, but any
  • Age minimum : 20
  • Financement : supporters

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