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Contribution to Strategy: SIM Thailand has three focuses in terms of ministry: church planting, supporting missionaries, and capacity building for local churches. One of the most important ministries for supporting cross-cultural workers is counselling. Chiang Mai is one of the best places to serve cross-cultural workers by providing counselling; hence there are a couple of counselling and member care organizations and institutions here. The WELL is one of those entities, and SIM has a good relationship and partnership with the WELL to do this ministry. The Well is a Christian member-care center promoting the well-being and effectiveness of Christian workers and organizations serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Asia by caring for people’s spiritual, emotional, and relational needs. The Well’s services include counseling, debriefing, pastoral care, leadership and organizational consultation, conflict resolution, and team building. The Well also offers support for member care personnel by providing training workshops and seminars in preventative care within their organization.

Ministry: PC- Counseling (Trained Counselors)

Responsibilities: To be a full or part-time member of The Well provider group and work under the direction and authority of The Well Director; to provide member care services according to his/her training and interests under the name of The Well; to be willing to develop new ways of providing those services either in Chiang Mai or in other places as the opportunity arises; to attend provider meetings and consultation meetings as he/she is able and to contribute his/her expertise as part of the provider group; will be expected to take appropriate time at the beginning of his/her stay in Chiang Mai to do some language study and to become familiar with the local culture and area.

Other Ministry Possibilities: Chiang Mai has many missionaries from many different agencies. There are many opportunities to be involved in member care outside of The Well and with just our Thailand team. Volunteers in local agencies work directly in Thai ministry from time to time.

Informations complémentaires

  • Compétences linguistiques : English: Fluent, other languages may be helpful
  • Exigences : Advanced degree required. Required training: Master's degree or higher in Counseling, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, or equivalent. Recommended Experience: It is preferrable that people have either 1. overseas living experience, or 2
  • Age minimum : 24
  • Frais : CHF Ask SIM CH / mensuel
  • Financement : support group required

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