Member Care Personnel PRF Nr. 9231 please mention if interested

SIM Niger’s missionaries serve in a wide variety of ministries in several locations across the country. The purpose of SIM Niger is to make disciples where Christ is least known. Making disciples in a country that is 99% Muslim, extremely hot, one of the poorest in the world, and which is sometimes politically tense, means stress is something we constantly deal with. In addition to that, we work on cross-cultural teams with people we don't always understand. Having a good member care team is essential to having a thriving group of missionaries in Niger, so that the work of crossing barriers to take the good news to those who are living and dying with out Jesus can be done effectively.

Ministry: PP- Member Care

Responsibilities: We are looking for a team that would consist of a Member Care Coordinator working with two or three counselors. We would like to have at least one man and one woman on the team. The Member Care Coordinator would: 1. Coordinate training as part of the orientation program for missionaries to understand the particular stressors of living in Niger and help provide them with tools to handle that stress and so one.

2) Assist with mediation of interpersonal conflicts when needed.

3) Take part in retreats, seminars


Other Ministry Possibilities: Possibilities exist for discipleship, friendship evangelism with national staff, Bible teaching, and local church involvement, all undergirded by the development of personal relationships.

Informations complémentaires

  • Compétences linguistiques : French: fluent, engish: fluent Most of our missionaries are English-speaking, so some of the team need to be English speakers. At least one of the team members needs to be fluent in French. French is the national language and generally spoken in Niamey.
  • Exigences : First degree required. Required training: The Member Care Coordinator should be a licensed counselor. It is preferred that other team members are also licenced. However, unlicenced candidates with accredited training in counselling would be suita
  • Age minimum : 24
  • Frais : CHF Ask SIM CH / mensuel
  • Financement : support group required

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